Dear fellow-musicians and enthusiastic audience,

We all have that ONE (or 4) composers who make our hearts beat faster as soon as we hear their music.
If you are fortunate, THIS composer will eternally put the butterflies of joy in your step,
cause your eyes to sparkle  more brightly than a Tiffany’s display AND
give you the energy and motivation to tirelessly slave away at studying and performing
the gems of greatness that will keep your enthusiastic audience clamouring for more
and prepared to travel the seven seas for the opportunity to partake of the feast.

TODAY I ask you in a very motherly fashion:
Dearest, have you considered the other 360 degrees of your passion?

If you are too close to the object of your admiration,
be it music, a flower, the latest Mercedes or shoes,
you cannot possibly enjoy all  the options available when seeing the bigger picture.

Consider your beloved composers:
How could they, mere human beings, capture something as fragile as a musical idea and relentlessly put it to paper
for us to study, make our own and convince audiences that THIS fragile idea is something they NEED – not a
luxury, but a necessity?

If you are prepared to take one step back to see the bigger picture, the answer is simple:
they interacted with the people, times and situations they lived in and
remained honest to their own ideals and weaknesses.

One of the biggest compliments you could pay your beloved composers, would be not to keep them in isolation:
Consider how these composers interacted with their colleagues, companions and times and do the same.

As grandmother Anna used to say:
Do not cloud your enjoyment of today with the might-have-beens of yesterday!



Photographer of the cover picture: Benno Hunziger