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Im Hause der Göttin Fricka herrscht gerade ungewohnte Freudenstimmung. Sei es einfach gesagt, daß die liebe Tante Fricka keine lebenden Freunde hat und gerade die endgültige Trennung von ihrem vierten Ehemann plant. Ehemann 1-3 liegen unter der Esche im Vorhof begraben.

Überschwängliche Freude erstrahlt um die Widdergehege: eine 13-jährige Wiedermutter hat nämlich gerade vor einer Stunde zwei unternehmungslustige Wiederlämmer zur Welt gebracht. Das Personal freut sich besonders über diesen Geburt, weil das Ereignis vielleicht die berüchtigte schlechte Laune der Herrin beschwichtigen könnte.

Madame Fricka hat sich nämlich zum Scheidungsfest 2 junge Widder gewünscht.

So werden die frischgeborene Widderlämmer Fricka präsentiert.
Während das Personal Fricka hoffnungsvoll anschaut, verhärtet ihr Lächeln allmählich zum Gruselkabinett eines Völkermordes.

Ihre Freudenzerstampfungskampagne wird in der Überlieferung noch viele Alpträume auslösen:
-der Widderhirt wird auf der Stelle geköpft,
-die Widderlämmer bekommen die Namen GEH-WEG und HAU-AB!

Wir wissen was passieren wird: Fricka wird den Lämmern ihr ganzes Leben lang nur Sauerkraut und Galle als Nahrung geben um aufs Sichere zu gehen dass zwei einst niedliche Widderlämmer leibhaftige Boshaftigkeit versprühen wo immer sie hingehen.

Was Fricka nicht weisst:
Die alte Wiedermutter ist befreundet mit dem Nachbarsnest giftige Würgeschlangen und hat die bissige Schlangenfamilie schon für morgen um 14:30 eingeladen in Frickas Schlafgemach.


FRICKAS GOATS-a small portion of the legend

The mansion of the goddess Fricka is in an unusually joyous mood. Let it simply be said that the dear aunt Fricka has no living friends and is now planning the divorce party from husband number 4. Husbands 1-3 are buried under the sad ash tree in the front yard.

Exuberant joy reigns in the goat enclosure: a 13 year old mother goat gave birth to two enterprising kids about an hour ago. The staff rejoices about this birth, as they hope that this event might appease the notorious bad temper of their mistress.

Madame Fricka has specifically asked for 2 young goats for her divorce party.

So the frisky kids are presented to Fricka. While the staff hopefully looks at Fricka, her smile gradually hardens to a reflection of the horrors of a relentless genocide.

Her joy-crushing campaign will guarantee many nightmares as this story is retold:
-the keeper of the goats is beheaded on the spot,
-the fluffy kids get the names SOD-IT and BUNK-OFF!

We know what has to happen: Fricka will feed the jolly young goats only sauerkraut and bile for the rest of their lives to ensure that our once jolly kids only radiate diabolical malevolence wherever they might roam.

What Fricka does not know:
The old goat mother is best friends with the neighboring nest of vicious, toxic constrictor snakes and has already invited the hungry snake family for a meeting in Frickas bedchamber at 14:30 tomorrow.


Written on 19.05.2017




Facing the Monday of calendar week 38 of 2017 with a horrible head cold could easily have deflated all my creative survival instincts – if I didn’t have reliable, realistic friends who help me see every attack of germs or energy-vampire fellow human beings as an invitation to do a slow pirouette, blink twice and find the other options of looking at the current problem.

Looking at the full 360 degree spectrum of challenges life serves us, even without a preparatory pirouette, opens up so many possibilities of spring cleaning the physical and mental baggage we unknowingly treasure as necessary for our survival. The false security of habits and addictions we hide behind needs to be dusted and rearranged, or at least labelled for future action, if they are not to drag us down.

Thus I attack my Monday challenge with a re-labelling action.

Living in a lovely corner of Europe where Switzerland, Germany and France meet, greet and cross-pollinate merrily, one becomes accustomed to hearing, speaking and dreaming in whichever language best fits the situation. A rather marvelous side benefit of living in an area where German, French, Italian and English co-exist mostly peacefully is that the brain comes up with alternative translations for even the simplest everyday subject.

my defusing of the MONDAY CACTUS involves starting at the root of the problem. As a big problem faced in smaller sections seems more manageable, I came up with a simple re-translation of „Monday“.
Let’s read „mon“ in French = MY, and then leave „day“ English, one arrives at a far more inviting „MY DAY“.

Every good action needing the fitting theme song, I have come up with „THIS IS SO MY DAY!“ sung to the tune of Paul Anka’s „MY WAY“ tune.

Reminder of the lyrics:

And now, the end is near
And so I face the final curtain
My friend, I’ll say it clear
I’ll state my case, of which I’m certain

I’ve lived a life that’s full
I’ve traveled each and every highway
But more, much more than this

Regrets, I’ve had a few
But then again, too few to mention
I did what I had to do
And saw it through without exemption

I planned each charted course
Each careful step along the byway
And more, much more than this

To help you visualize the Monday blues and make it, and ALL its‘ soul-drenching relations FLY AWAY, I include pictures of jewelry & Info shared by my friend Helen Bickers. Her text in italics.

I have a file of “wing” jewelry, a popular motif. This thing is the acme! It’s a wind up brooch, the diamond star rotates and flashes. The tacky/cool ration is incalculable. If you’ve ever read Nancy Mitford’s Love in a Cold Climate 1949, there’s a character who wears a clockwork brooch with a rotating diamond, a symbol of tacky excess. I always thought it was fantasy. Nancy got around, I wonder if she had heard of this guy?



Diamond, pearl and enamel automated turban brooch (sarpech) attributed to Garrard, circa 1910. A gold and silver turban brooch composed of a central circular case with rotating mechanism set with one central cushion shaped old mine diamond in a silver claw setting with an approximate weight of 0.80 carats, above a pair of eight rayed stars which when wound rotate in opposing directions set with fifty two round rose cut diamonds in silver bead settings, the cover of the case in dark blue engine-turned enamel encircled by a single row of thirty six pearls in bead settings, the case also set to top and bottom with twelve round rose cut diamonds in silver collet settings on individual rays, and flanked by two double tiered wings set with one hundred and forty two round rose cut diamonds in silver topped gold bead settings, all two hundred and six rose cut diamonds with an approximate total weight of 5.34 carats, the reverse mounted with a gold hinged pin and scroll clasp, the reverse of the case with a hinged winding latch, engraved with a crown, and with an approximate combined diamond weight of 6.14 carats.Formerly belonging to the estate of Maharaja Yeshwant Rao Holkar II (r. 1926-48) of Indore.

Here the same form worked in two different types of enamel – If it sells, why not?

(wing enamle opal diamond skinner)


Flying opals were popular

(wings opal gold diamond wings)

Carl Giuliano’s workshop turned out this interestingly colored zircon number.

(wings giulianoenamel zircon)

Also from Giuliano, a lacy design centered on a mabe pearl

(wings mabe pearl enamel giuliano)

Giuliano star sapphire


Ruuuuubies diamonds and a big ol ‘pearl

French peridot 1880s, they were turning out some amazing metalwork detail

Green enamel & amethyst


Belle Epoque graceful diamonds

This one is about to achieve liftoff! It looks to be an aigret.

This is 1900 cupid not at all aerodynamic

(wings enamel baroque cupid 1900)

Heart shaped moonstone, 1890s

Boivin sapphires 1935


Paul Flato made a line of shoe brooches – these ones inspired by Mercury


WHEEEE Horseshoes!



Do read this blog as the snake-charmers guide to surviving the onslaughts of life and nature.


(Serpent brooch, enamel, diamond, ruby, gold, art nouveau, Austrian)

Having just survived the height of full moon crazies 6 days ago, my mind, like my body is still being tossed around on a tsunami of actual and imagined physical and mental influences.


(Serpent ring, Diamonds, sapphires, gold)

The frequency of being whacked by negative incidents seems to be proportionately higher during the full moon phase. With every next full moon I survive, the side effects of relaxedly howling at the full moon seem to take longer to wear off – or am I just becoming more aware of them?


Sticking to my guns with the assumption that dealing with any problem or question is easier when one can visualize the enemy, I have chosen snakes as a symbol of my full moon crazies and its side effects. Being a daughter of Eve, I can thus satisfy my natural curiosity by seeing every new full moon incident offered me as a fresh temptation in paradise – to be questioned, enjoyed and acted upon.

Some symptoms of full moon crazies to help you diagnose the condition:
Silly, smooth, slithering gait instead of walking,
Nasty noises erupt spontaneously, followed by inappropriate vocabulary,
Anti-social apathy,
Kvetching without due motivation, and the
Elegance of a huge tiger stalking its prey.

As I gradually accept the departure of my full moon crazies in the shadow of the by now waning moon, I can feel my toes tingling in anticipation of the next pallet of surprises life has in store for me at 20:40 on the 5th of October, when the next full moon will smile at me.

[Musee des Arts Decoratif]
Thanks to my friend Helen Bickers for the virtual snake-hunt.