Monkey business I survived

Dear Reader,

I have had the most fascinating 2 weeks of ups and downs: from fulfilling professional behavior in glamorous surroundings right down to the snake pits of monkey business at its worst.

For me it covers the full spectrum of small, seemingly innocent moments of untruths, backhandedness, non-creative backstabbing and those insults born from ignorance and ineffectiveness.

Endured in small portions monkey business can have a stimulating effect on one’s sense of humor and tolerance; BUT…..if one is subjected to the monkey family for too long, one becomes drained of the energy to even consider suicide, let alone actively fighting the monkeys to claw one’s way back to joyful reality.

My recommended antidote for being buried under mountains of mocking monkeys: visualize the little monsters! The enemies we can identify are more easily faced, analysed and permanently removed from our centre of well-being.

Reminder of what we often see in Facebook posts and on T-shirts: „DON’T LET YOUR ENEMIES (for the purpose of this blog: MONKEYS)  LIVE IN YOUR MIND – THEY ARE NOT PAYING RENT!“ Monkeys are bad tenants if left to frequent your head-space, and if not exorcised in time will leave you barren of any hope for your future.

As visual aid to our weekly exorcism of monkeys, I offer you a selection of actually wearable monkeys found by my brave friend Helen.

FIND YOUR MONKEY: it is your choice whether you WEAR it or BURN it.

I really don’t see the charm of monkeys, they are too much like animals too enjoy as people and too much like people to enjoy as animals.

But other people do.


1890 orangutan:
Triple monkey cameo earrings

Double victorian monkey bars, Tiffany 1900, with diamonds!

THIS monkey comes with a garnet fez

Animal monkey musician:

Reenacting that famous scene from 2001 with a freshwater pearl

Carved amethyst and rock crystal art deco chimpanzee, thinking hard about something:

David Webb’s monkey is also cogitating


Diamond ass modern monkey:




Diamond spats:


Modern emerald monkeys:


Marc Alary does a lot of oddly robot-like monkeys. Here with briolet citrine banana: