SHINY STUFF for the weekend;
Thanks to my friend Helen Bickers

For me green is the color of hope, new beginnings and courage.

Emeralds (and others!) in profusion
Bulgari Diva, high jewelry
emerald ruby bulgariemerald ruby bulgari

A similar idea, but from 1880 – interesting contrast
Emerald ruby foliate fr 1880      Emerald ruby foliage fr 1880

“Profumo di Capri”
emeralds bulgari-diva-high-jewellery-collection-adorn-london-1                emeralds bulgari-diva-high-jewellery-collection-adorn-london-1
Bulgari another view
this time with a friend
Emeralds Bulgari-profumo-di-capri-necklace                      Emeralds Bulgari-profumo-di-capri-necklace

a friend of the friend
Cartier 1925
emerald beads:plaques cartier 1925                             emerald beads

Modern Cartier, our kind of gumdrops
emerald catrier modern gumdrops                 emerald Cartier

Yes, please.
emerald yes, please
House of Faberge Romanov necklace
emerald house of faberge Romanov Necklace               emerald house of Faberge, Romanov Necklace

emerald glorious choker                             Glorious choker / emerald glorious choker.tiff
JAR’s green comes from enamel (?) leaves on his geraniums (Jar-Aniums?)

diamond JAR-raniumNouveau enamel caladiums. It looks like the leaves are in ball sockets so you could arrange them the best way on your outfit.
Love the roots!

enameo nouveau caladiumThis LC tiffany brooch has such a lovely green leaves, a square black opal and pretty opal berries
enamel opal.

enamel opal LCTiffany pendant
Here’s Fouquet with enamel leaves & opal too, 1900
opal enamel fouquet 1900
1860 French devant de corsage – kudzu?
enamel kudzu french 1860                                                                  opal sapphire sleek nouveau
enamel holly KunioNakajima                           Kunio Nakajima holly necklace

enamel coral hazelnut                                     Coral hazelnuts with leaves. Sidestepping the Curse of Coral FUGLEE!

enamel Camille Gueyton 1904 fr ivy                                  Camille Gueyton 1904 ivy with diamonds


enamel brooch pair scatter rosesmid 19th century rose pins, you can really see the old mine cuts. Don’t look a thing like the modern table cuts, do they?


Malakitt 3

Malachite Parure

emerald opal earrings Arunashi carved
Arunashi carved emerald & opal earrings – with the little white dress.