Weil ich gerade vom Arbeitgeber gekündigt worden bin finde ich die Zeit, die wichtige Fragen des Lebens anzusprechen.
As my employer just fired me, I am making time to address important issues of life.

Als Deutsche fragt man sich zur Zeit: was soll es mit diesem „HALLOWEEN“? Wir feiern doch den REFORMATIONSTAG!
The current burning issue in many german minds: Why are we making a fuss about this „HALLOWEEN“? Surely we should be preparing for the DAY OF REFORMATION!

Religiöse und kulturelle Unterschiede/Anregungen beiseite! Meine Variante heißt: Reformationstag im Herzen und äusserlich üppig mit HALLOWEEN Gedöns geschmückt.
Allowing myself to set religious and cultural differences and stimulation aside, I offer you my solution: keep the DAY OF REFORMATION in your heart while draping any and all bits of HALLOWEEN decoration you can find over your person and your environment.

Fürs Ausleben meiner Variante vom reformierenden Halloween, teile ich Schmuck-Optionen die eine Freundin mir zugeflüstert hat.
As a practical suggestion of how you could partake of my variation of „reforming HALLOWEEN“, I’d like to share some jewelry suggestions I received from a friend with you. 


Bats, owl and grotesqueries!

Art nouveau loved the dark side and it’s Halloween so let’s dig it!



1905 vesta case with Bat Nude:
She’s a New Jersey girl made by the Unger Brothers

Lalique in 1898 had made her somewhat more flightworthy cousin

This gorgeous little monster is from 1900, no idea who made it


No need to waste a good mold, let’s rework Creepy Catfrog with a ginko leaf on his derrière:


Richard Mullen abstracted the bat:


Lalique moonstones, bats & snake watch


A sorceress, bat, owl and the poppies someone was smoking to dream this thing up:


Japonisme fad clumsily married the the Creatures of the Night aesthetic, a real artifact of what was “with it” that year:

A ruby, diamond, and leather evening bag of 1905 (notice the pinecone motif frame. Do European owls roost exclusively in conifers?

Carved aquamarine owl is not creepy but mightily pissed off about something

And finally the perfect flower vase for the well-appointed guest bedroom with original catalogue description: