My assistant RICHARD is also trying his hand at YouTube videos. Some Wagner + Richard, anyone?

Corona creativity
Blechhilde, the anti-virus Walküre

Being in lockdown caused many unexpected creative moments. HERE: Blechhilde, the anti-corona Walküre, constructed by the great Helen Bickers in Atlanta.

The cancellation of masterclasses I was supposed to give in Atlanta, combined with missing direct contact with other musicians inspired me to start a series „TRICKS OF THE TRADE avec Ansi“ to share my experiences and practical methods of survival without losing the HO JO TO HO in my heart: This playlist has a preview + 17 sessions in a combination of German and English to help viewers be at the ready for when we started working in all languages again

My contribution to keep unnecessary dark thoughts at bay: this Playlist of Video Antidepressants!

Don Giovanni chat on YouTube, 10.02.2017.
Watch it here

You-Tube clip of the rehearsal for WOTAN TRIFFT with Karl-Heinz Brandt and Andy Murphy in the Monkey Bar, Basel at 21:00 TONIGHT

Am 26.12.2016 war ich Kandidatin bei der Sendung„Sag‘ die Wahrheit“ im SWR, Sendezeit: 21:45
HIER ein Link zur Mediathek der SWR; Mein Auftritt gegen Minute 25


New on YouTube: the half an hour version of J.S. Bachs Weihnachtsoratorium, ADVENTSKALENDER, Basel
Watch it here


Kritik der Premiere von Carousel
Listen to it here

BROADCAST on 17.12.2016: Radio Interview with Gabriela Kägi on SRF2 / Subject: conducting CAROUSEL, shoes and life in general.


Photographer: ANDREAS LAUE
Photographer: ANDREAS LAUE