Do read this blog as the snake-charmers guide to surviving the onslaughts of life and nature.


(Serpent brooch, enamel, diamond, ruby, gold, art nouveau, Austrian)

Having just survived the height of full moon crazies 6 days ago, my mind, like my body is still being tossed around on a tsunami of actual and imagined physical and mental influences.


(Serpent ring, Diamonds, sapphires, gold)

The frequency of being whacked by negative incidents seems to be proportionately higher during the full moon phase. With every next full moon I survive, the side effects of relaxedly howling at the full moon seem to take longer to wear off – or am I just becoming more aware of them?


Sticking to my guns with the assumption that dealing with any problem or question is easier when one can visualize the enemy, I have chosen snakes as a symbol of my full moon crazies and its side effects. Being a daughter of Eve, I can thus satisfy my natural curiosity by seeing every new full moon incident offered me as a fresh temptation in paradise – to be questioned, enjoyed and acted upon.

Some symptoms of full moon crazies to help you diagnose the condition:
Silly, smooth, slithering gait instead of walking,
Nasty noises erupt spontaneously, followed by inappropriate vocabulary,
Anti-social apathy,
Kvetching without due motivation, and the
Elegance of a huge tiger stalking its prey.

As I gradually accept the departure of my full moon crazies in the shadow of the by now waning moon, I can feel my toes tingling in anticipation of the next pallet of surprises life has in store for me at 20:40 on the 5th of October, when the next full moon will smile at me.

[Musee des Arts Decoratif]
Thanks to my friend Helen Bickers for the virtual snake-hunt.